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Welcome to Top Free Web Hosting dot COM website. Hopefully for all of us, there are still values in the web hosting business and more surprisingly, inside the free website hosting one as well. We have decided to value the real web hosting providers, who design and build hosting control panels and platforms of their own.

1 Freehostia Freehostia 5/5
2 50Webs 50Webs 5/5
3 100WebSpace 100WebSpace 4.5/5
4 FateBack FateBack 4.5/5
5 Google Sites Google sites 4.5/5

At Top Free Web Hosting you will find a chosen collection of top quality free web hosting companies like FreeHostia and 50Webs (we will add few others more in the near to come future), which were tested under regular and extreme website loads. All of the listed free hosting companies performed quite well and delightful, considering the fact that they cost... nothing actually.

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Beware of cPanel Bogus Domain Management... & Hosting

Compared with these free web hosts ( and, some paid web hosting companies like for example offer very poor hosting and domain services on so called "professional web hosting" packages. Very poor "professional web hosting" and "domain management" services we would say. And you can't blame us. Very often your add-on domains stay as "Unassigned". No reason is given by BlueHost's bogus Domain Manager. Period.

We strongly suggest you to avoid any cPanel-based web hosting providers, because the domain names management in this Control Panel is organized in a terrible way, very close to insane one. If you have multiple domains to host - well this is where everything goes wrong... The folder organization inside the public_html server folder is obviously made by someone drunk (or maybe stupid) in the cPanel development team.

Another reason to avoid cPanel-based web hosting solutions is the missing domain registration and domain transfer management section. Can you imagine this? Web hosting is about hosting your domain names! Correct us if we are wrong. The work-around Domain Managements solutions for cPanel (if they have ANY presence in the cPanel Control Panel, which is absolutely very rear) are absolutely not user-friendly, by any meaning.

The Good Domain Management & Hosting Alternatives

A good alternative we would suggest is the affordable web hosting service offered by The Domain Manager is just what you would expect. You can easy manage about 1,000 domains without any hassles or problems. This is the best one we have found so far. And it's is offered by and as well.

Domain Name Manager

Domain Name Reseller

If you wish to resell domain names (at competitive prices) with this particular Control Panel, you must join the reseller hosting program of ResellersPanel, which is free of charge. You do not have to deposit any money and there are no hidden reseller fees as well. Also you do not have to prepay anything at all.

Additionally with you can resell shared web hosting packages, semi-dedicated servers, VPS hosting plans (VPS stands for Virtual Private Server), dedicated servers & digital certificates (SSL).

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