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I've hosted my static HTML web page on different servers. I've faced so many problems with servers reliability, complicated account interface, issues with the support staff and so on. I think I've already found the best free hosting company.

50Webs free hosting provider

I've subscribed and received my account details less than 30 minutes, after an hour my web site has been fully operational. The fist thing really amazed me was the great Control Panel. I haven't seen such a great interface so far. 50Webs has done an outstanding interface.

My domain (CheapWebHosting2013.com) was added in the Hosted Domains menu, when I firstly enter the hosting account. I was curios and checked what settings I'm allowed to change. You can edit the path, that your domain is using, check the traffic and web visitors statistics. A direct link to the domain system folder is available too.

There are other very useful tools. But you have to have a domain name registered domain name with 50Webs.com. Using the Registered Domains menu you can order ID protection, update the WHOIS record or change the domain name type. You can either host it or make it floating and redirect to some other web page. The domain name registration could be extended using the same menu. It was interesting to check the domain registration prices as well. I can register a domain name only for $4.50 per year!
50Webs free web hosting plan

The Email Accounts menu is very useful too. There you can manage your email accounts. With 50Webs.com's free hosting plan you can create up to 100 email accounts. You can set email forwarding of each email box. The access to the web based email client is very easy. Just click on the desired email box and you'll be forwarded to the RoundCube based webmail. POP3 and IMAP access is granted in case you want to check the email accounts using email client.

The thing that really amazed me was the File Manager tool. I haven't seen so good file manipulation system yet You can do everything. Just drag and drop the file into the destination folder and the File Manager will instantly move it. You can manage the account content using the right mouse button. All functions, listen in the tool bar, will appear in the right-click context menu when you press it. Like creating new files and folders, renaming them, changing permissions, copy and move functions. You also can download the content in compressed format - .zip, tar.gz or .rar. Editors are available too. You can even use a WYSIWYG one.

I'm completely satisfied with my account at 50Webs.com. To be honest, I couldn't mention about the few disadvantages that I've found. Firstly you can't use PHP and MySQL. Only static HTML pages could be hosted here. Secondly you're not allowed to use their SMTP server. Finally no outbound connections are possible and Hotlinking is disabled.

Anyway, 50Webs.com offers great hosting, which fulfill my needs.

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