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There are thousands of web hosting companies to choose from online, and finding the best hosting company can be very difficult to do. In my opinion, it can be extremely time consuming to sift through the list of possible hosting companies in an effort to narrow down a few to investigate further. Once finding the FateBack.com your life simpler will be simpler, saving you the hassle of searching yourself.

FateBack Top Free Web Hosting Review

Customer Service EfficiencyCustomer Service Efficiency

Most of the free web hosting companies not only lack the features, but they also lack customer service efficiency. There have been many reports from customers that their issues just don't get resolved. What's more alarming is that customers frequently report that their service frequently goes down and the support staff does nothing to intervene. For those business individuals looking for a hosting company they can rely on, this can be a nightmare. Fortunately, there are few top free web hosting companies with extraordinary customer service skills. One of those companies include FateBack.

Years of Web Hosting ExperienceYears of Web Hosting Experience

FateBack Hosting is very popular today, among socially responsible individuals and companies. This hosting company has years of experience and will help the clients to transfer the domain names from an existing hosting company and will handle any domain registration fees that may need to be paid.

Hepsia Control Panel - The Very Best FeatureHepsia Control Panel - The Very Best Feature

FateBack is a free web hosting provider, which has been in the game for more than 10 years, since year 2000, offering very stable servers and ensuring great customer cares to it's free users. However, the best feature which the company sells is its Control Panel from where to manage your website - the Hepsia Control Panel. When you see how the Hepsia Control Panel works and how much intuitive features has, you will love it for sure.

Hepsia - A User-friendly Control PanelHepsia - A User-friendly Control Panel

With the Hepsia Control Panel you will be able to control your websites, domains and billing from a single place, upload files with the file manager using simple drag and drop, which immediately eliminates the need for an FTP client - file transfers are carried out in the browser and the transfer speeds are really nice. The Hepsia also include right-click context menus - just like on any desktop machine, you can use the right mouse click on most elements in the Hepsia Control Panel to see the available actions. Free bonuses - free website builder, free site map generator, .htaccess generator are just some of the free tools that come with the Hepsia Control Panel. Lack of PHP support in the free web hosting plan limits the available free tools - there are more in the professional cloud hosting services, such as website installer, web hosting apps installer, PHP framework installer, etc. Overall, using the Hepsia Control Panel will give an easy-going experience.

Regular Web Hosting PlansRegular Web Hosting Plans

Besides the reliable free web hosting service, FateBack also offers cloud web hosting plans. These cloud web hosting plans feature the same bonuses as the free web hosting offer, and more - with each plan you can a free domain name registration of transfer, and with the biggest plan - Multiple Domain Hosting plus - you have 5 free domain name registrations AND 5 free domain transfers. And it takes up to 15-20 minutes for the customer care team to answer, which is really impressive.

Money-back GuaranteeMoney-back Guarantee

You have a lot of hosting companies to choose from. I sincerely believe that you will not find a hosting company that provides more benefits, better customer service, or more competitive rates that FateBack Hosting. Give them a try. With their amazing money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

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