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FreeHostia is a one of the most popular free web hosting providers. The free web hosting plan is called "Chocolate" and offers multi-domain hosting (you can host 5 domains/websites) and 250MB of disk space for your files with a monthly bandwidth limited at 6 GB. These features are quite enough for a personal or a community website but also for a small corporate website as well. Review by Top Free Web Hosting

No forced ads free hosting services
FreeHostia does not put ads on free web hosting users’ websites. Instead it relies on upgrades purchased by free hosting users to make profit. There are 4 paid hosting plans, which you can upgrade to if you need more disk space or any other resources or if you want to be able to host more websites within the same hosting account. The prices of the premium hosting plans range from $2.95/month for the cheapest one (Watercircle plan) to $9.95/month for the most expensive one (Supernatural). These prices are quite affordable and if we compare the Watercircle plan ($2.95/month) to paid hosting plans offered by other web hosting companies, it is actually rather cheap.

FreeHostia1-click installs of Joomla, Wordpress, 4images, Moodle
Included with the free plan and of course with all premium plans, there is a 1-click web applications installer, called Elefante Installer, which allows users to install over 40 scripts directly from within their web hosting control panel. This saves both time and effort as won’t have to download the installation files and then upload them to the server to install a script such as Joomla, Wordpress, 4images, Moodle, etc. The list of available free PHP scripts is quite long and it includes galleries, forums, blogs, content management systems, ticketing systems and more.

FreeHostia has a unique colorful web site and if you have ever visited it must have left quite an impression. Unlike other Linux web hosting companies, FreeHostia does not bet on a slick business look but instead it has a shiny colorful website, which breaks the limits of the ordinary web hosting website design. The names of the web hosting plans add to the uniqueness of this free web hosting company: Chocolate (free), Watercircle, Lovebeat, Wildhoney and Supernatural – not the likeliest choices for web hosting plans names but memorable nevertheless.

Cluster-based web hosting with excellent service uptime
According to our experience with FreeHostia’s free PHP hosting service, it is quite good. Uptime is excellent and scripts run fast and smoothly. FreeHostia uses a so-called "cluster-based" web hosting platform. This means that each node in their network servers specific purpose and runs only a certain type of service(s). For example, there are separate MySQL and file storage servers, which is supposed to optimize the performance. As far as we can tell, it does a great job – the performance of the tested Joomla and Wordpress applications was just great, even better than with some paid shared hosting and reseller hosting companies, which we have tried before.

In conclusion, we strongly recommend FreeHostia if you are looking for a free Linux hosting company with PHP and MySQL support and no forced ads. It is so far the best one we have discovered.

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