ResellersPanel Review: The cPanel Reseller Hosting Packages.

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ResellersPanel is a great reseller hosting and domain reseller accounts provider. It's not only that, which is offered by ResellersPanel. There are Virtual Private Servers (VPS), semi-dedicated and dedicated servers available for reselling, too. In this review I will focus only on the cPanel reseller hosting program, which seems to me it plays insignificant role in the ResellersPanel's business model. Regardless of that fact, I consider many web designers and web design companies are still interested in the cPanel reseller hosting packages. Let's see first what is reseller web hosting?

cPanel Reseller Hosting Packages

The Process Of Using Reseller Web Hosting

The process of hosting personal websites with a hosting plan is common. With reseller hosting, the owner of the account has the ability to resell their allotted storage within their hosting plan to a third party. The reseller will be able to purchase the web host's services at the wholesale price (their normal account costs) and resell at a profit. This is having the ability to resell a portion of the storage and bandwidth to customers without having to rent a special server to do the work for you. Reseller hosting is often used by entrepreneurs to start a web hosting company on a small scale. Reseller hosting services providers have tools that allow the reseller to create shared web hosting plans that fit within their storage and bandwidth limitations and associate a pricing structure that their customers would use. Branding capable control panels and name servers may also be possible, in order to give a more customized feel to the entrepreneur's reseller system for web hosting.

ResellersPanel - A Proper Resellers Web Hosting Company

However, it's very hard to find a proper cloud reseller hosting company. During my experience on developing my own business I came across many unreliable web hosting reseller companies. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended me ResellersPanel and I was pleased to involve my business project with them. ResellersPanel is a unique, fully-automated reseller hosting program, developed entirely by LiquidNet Ltd. - a prosperous UK-based hosting company, which strives to further expand the scope of its activities in the web hosting services sphere. LiquidNet Ltd. was established in February 2003 in London, UK. The ResellersPanel program itself started on April 2, 2003. So far, more than 100 000 resellers have placed their trust in them.

cPanel Reseller Hosting Paltform

As a customer with the cPanel Hosting Reseller Program, you, as a hosting reseller, will be able to manage unlimited domains and client accounts. With this reseller program you can manage disk space and bandwidth quotas the way you want - create a multitude of smaller web hosting plans, or just a few, but more resource powerful hosting offers, depending on your marketing strategy. With the help of the WebHost Manager (WHM) & the cPanel Control Panel tools, you can maintain constant control over all your clients and their disk and bandwidth usage. With their carefully crafted cPanel reseller plans, you can offer your clients a secure hosting environment.

Great Web Hosting Packages

You'll get more than you have paid for: very well balanced hosting packages with enough disk space and bandwidth quotas, which give you the unique opportunity to earn quite well, plus several special FREE bonuses.

cPanel Plans For Reselling cPanel Plan 1 cPanel Plan 2 cPanel Plan 3
Disk Space 50 GB 70 GB 90 GB
Monthly Traffic 500 GB 700 GB 900 GB
Domains Hosted Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
cPanel Fantastico Included Included Included
Monthly Price $17.50/ month $24.50/ month $31.50/ month

Fntastico De Luxe Installer

Most of us will ask themselves are there any FREE extras?
Yes, there are a few of those, which shouldn't be ignored. To begin with, each reseller package allows you to host unlimited domains and includes the Fantastico De Luxe tool, which comes with 40+ FREE pre-installed scripts. The RVSiteBuilder package is also included in all cPanel reseller hosting packages. ResellersPanel offer also several GB of disk space for the main reseller account for FREE.

Excellent Data Center Facility

And last, but definitely not least, with ResellersPanel's cPanel reseller hosting packages you get your own dedicated IP address for FREE! Fast powerful servers and excellent data center facility and connectivity are considered common features nowadays... And from a financial point of don't risk nothing. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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