The Top 5 Free Web Hosting Companies

1 Freehostia Freehostia 5/5
2 50Webs 50Webs 5/5
3 100WebSpace 100WebSpace 4.5/5
4 FateBack FateBack 4.5/5
5 Google Sites Google sites 4.5/5

What distinguishes a good free web hosting provider from the regular or even the best web hosting companies? Very few top free web hosting companies, when it is regarding the web hosting service itself, excluding the free hosting package limitations, of course, offer no further differences in the performance of their free hosting services. Here is the list of a time-proven, very reliable free web hosts, to which you can trust your domains and websites:

The Top 5 Free Web Hosting Companies

Freehostia Free Web Hosting1. FreeHostia - our personal choice No.1. Its World best free web hosting provider at the moment. There are no forced ads. Scripting and databases are enabled in the free hosting package. We have few domains and websites hosted on their clustered hosting platform (also know as cloud hosting). Under the free and regular hosting packages. FreeHostia is a time-proven free MySQL hosting provider, which for us adds more security. Consistency and tradition matters, too.

50Webs Free Web Hosting2. 50Webs - another very fast free web host. Probably the fastest we have found so far. Again there are no forced ads. 50Webs is a top free hosting services provider. When compared to FreeHostia, 50Webs offers less options in it's free web hosting package. In matter of service uptime, 50Webs slightly outruns FreeHostia's uptime. 50Webs servers uptime is very close to the highest standards in the entire web hosting industry. This is definately the highest in the entire free Linux hosting one. The service uptime is between 99.90% and 99.95%, calculated on an annual base. 50Webs also offers cloud hosting services to both the free and the paid customers. 50Webs cloud hosting platform is originally build by the well know reseller hosting provider ResellersPanel. It's entirely different cloud hosting platform from the one of FreeHostia, regardless of the fact they both use similar Control Panels.

100WebSpace Free Web Hosting3. 100WebSpace - unfortunately, our pick No.3 is offering a banner line on the top of each of your pages. The forced ad line is full with an advertising boxes you can live with, because they are only text. Fortunately, the ad line is removable at the price of $99 cents per month. They call this bannerless free website hosting! Can you imagine? Definetely 100WebSpace must remove the word 'free' from the label of its bannerless hosting package. If it has to be paid for, then its no longer free. We have doubts 100WebSpace shares with FreeHostia the same cloud hosting platform and the same hosting Control Panel. According to us, the only difference is the small text advertising line 100WebSpace forces on each hosted page under it's free hosting package, while FreeHostia is entirely ad-free.

FateBack Free Web Hosting4. FateBack - a real dinosaur here. The oldest free hosting services provider from the group. Once in the past - very popular, but not anylonger. We find this very charming. Here's why. For the servers, having to serve less customers is better. They become quicker, more reliable and their server-life is extended, because they have been put under less stress. All this is very good for you, your domains and websites. What you might not like that much, is the very small single text ad line, on the top of your html pages. FateBack uses very similar and stable cloud web hosting platform to the 50Webs one's. Probably it's the same cloud hosting service, as the uptime numbers are similar, too. It has forced ads (this is the major difference). FateBack's free hosting service is less popular, but it loads quicker than anybody. Sometimes less is more.

Google Sites Free Web Hosting5. Google sites - not exactly a free web hosting service as the others in this group. The name says it clear enough - Google sites will help you to build and host your sites, for free. The web site builder tool is in the center of the whole service. Its the best online web site building tool we have seen so far. The overall simplicity is at such high levels, making you very enthusiastic about adding more new pages to your Google-hosted website.

Please, pay an attention - NONE of these free hosting companies and web page building services, is cPanel based. This is very important. Opposite to the regular web hosting market, where there is no variety at all and where cPanel is the king with more than 96% market share, the free web hosting one is full of variety and offers great number of options to choose from. Great number of unique web hosting platforms. In this free hosting market, unlike the so called 'professional' one (mostly dominated by cPanel web hosting providers, which is very boring), there are relatively large variety of unique, real web hosting companies. Like cPanel, they have developed their own clustered Linux web hosting platforms and systems (more popular as cloud hosting). But to be able to host 1,000 hosting accounts average on a server, as cPanel does, is one story. When on the very same server, you host 25-30,000 accounts average on a server, as FreeHostia, 100WebSpace, 50Webs and other great free hosters are doing it, is completely different story. When cPanel is outperformed by these very same services, we talk about a real web hosting. Because this is what exactly happens in direct benchmark speed tests.

And when you add the fact that there is only 1 out of every 40 web hosting companies, which does not run on cPanel, then you will realize how much choice you really have (or better said: haven't). The other 39 'web hosting companies' are all cPanel based, but differently branded! And in 2011 there are more than 150,000 web hosting brands, worldwide. More than 96% of them run on cPanel.

Feeling like you have just run out of options? Not really. We are here to inform you. And yes, if you discard the information we've provided you with.

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