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1 Freehostia Freehostia 5/5
2 50Webs 50Webs 5/5
3 100WebSpace 100WebSpace 4.5/5
4 FateBack FateBack 4.5/5
5 Google Sites Google sites 4.5/5

If you are making your first steps in web design and you want to see the results of your work online, or if you have a tight budget, then a free web hosting plan would be what you need. This hosting type gains popularity as it allows people to become a part of the online world at no cost.

Free web hosting plans come with certain disk space, monthly bandwidth and CPU load quotas. Sometimes other restrictions apply as well, such as file size or the ability to send emails. Although the resources for each account are limited, they are guaranteed, so even if one account starts loading the server, an automatic script will suspend it and none of the other accounts will be affected in any way. This allows free hosting providers to accommodate a lot of accounts on the same server.

In most cases, the hosting is free because the hosting company puts text or banner advertisements on the websites hosted on their servers, and some companies use pop-up windows that appear every time somebody opens a website. For some users this is not a problem, but often the banners have a fixed position and may cover parts of the actual website, and this is quite inconvenient. That’s why, if you are looking for a free hosting solution, find a provider that offers quality services without advertisements. Although the number of companies, which do that is small, you can get a free account that is not much different from a paid one. Usually, these are companies that offer both free and paid web hosting services and their income does not depend on advertisements, but on the paid services that their customers purchase. This is also an incentive for them to offer stable and reliable free hosting solutions that would show the quality of their services and would eventually make people upgrade their plan to a paid one as their websites grow. Additional functionality and more system resources are two possible reasons to upgrade the free plan.

Similar to a paid plan, you can manage the free hosting account through a Control Panel tool where you can host domain names, create email accounts and databases, and some providers even offer free script-driven platforms that you can use to build a website. Since all website file types are supported, there is no limit for the content or functions of your website. You can create a simple family-oriented HTML site, or have a fancy PHP-driven gossip blog, for example. If you have a feedback form, however, you may not be able to use it as most hosting providers do not allow the PHP mail function with their free plans, or in other words, you will be able to receive emails, but you will not be able to send emails using webmail, an email client or a feedback form on your website.

Some companies allow you to create free subdomains using their company domain name, which allows you to go online at no cost at all. Other providers do not have such an option, so you have to purchase a domain name from them, or you can get one elsewhere and change its name server records to point to them.

If you do not have a lot of money to spend on hosting service provision, but you do not want to rely on a free hosting company, then you can find a provider that offers good hosting plans at very affordable prices, such as NTC Hosting. With a number of different plans and the ability to upgrade from one plan to another with just a few clicks, they give you the choice to get the best hosting package for your needs. A free domain name with each and every plan that is pre-paid for a year makes your hosting expenses even lower.

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